A Movie About
Drag Queens In Space

Gag on My Ray Gun™ is a full length, Sci-fi feature film about Drag Queens defending the galaxy from an evil pageant queen hell-bent on eradicating trashy and cheap drag from the Trans-Galactic Alliance.

The story follows Princess Arraya Sunshine as she struggles to save her mother, Queen Alota Sunshine, and the Galaxy, from the evil pageant queen: Davenport Dupree Davenport. With the help of Bertha, a gruff but lovable mechanic and Sugar, a mysterious space pirate, Arraya must use her wits to outsmart a much more powerful foe. It’s an action-packed adventure for all orientations.

This film was developed because of a distinct lack of family friendly, genre based movies with positive representations of LGBTQ+ people and their culture. This is especially apparent in modern Science Fiction. The goal of this film is to allow LGBTQ+ people the chance to enjoy an action-packed adventure film that is 100% queer oriented in its content!

The Story So Far

25 years ago, there was no Alliance. The planets governed themselves independently, ruled over by the royal drag families. While the wealthy queens could afford couture, the poor queens were left with factory rejects and thrift. This caused a divide, a rift, between the rich and poor. The poor soon became nothing more than slaves, working their hands to the bone just for a nice pair of pumps.

Eventually the friction got too great and a civil war erupted. It was called the Ratchet Rebellion. When the foundation dust finally cleared the planets were a mess of torn tights and dirty shake and go wigs.

The royal families realised they could not carry on this way. Together, each of the planets, gathered on K-Mars, the planet of the trash queens, and signed The Accord: a set of rules defining the fundamental rights of all queens. The first and most important rule of the accord is that no member of any royal family may wear designer clothing of any kind. It was the only way to ensure the unity of the drag planets and end the class warfare.

How You Can Help

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